Make the Vision Clear…

Just when I thought I had nothing else to blog about my day took a turn for the A-MA-ZIIINGG!!

Okay, now according to the deadline given to me by my girlfriends I was supposed to have this task done about….welll…I’d say a month ago. That didn’t happen because I have been perfecting my ability to procrastinate since the first time I heard a teacher say “….and this paper is due at the end of the month.”

So on this rainy Saturday my family came to visit and my sister and I started talking about vision boards. That talk led us out of the house and into Michael’s craft store which then led to me saying good bye to fifty dollars and hello to a bag full of materials for my vision board. After we got back to the house my sister, my mother and I worked together to make my vision board aesthetically appealing (SAT Words lol) and then I hung it up in my room.

Let me just say/type that I am happy that I did this.

I am young so what I want out of life may change and I mean it could change from week to week, but there are things that I dream about and want to see happen. Hopefully this board remains another source of inspiration, a sort of first manifestation (boom- another SAT Word) of the things I dream about!

Of course you have to start with what you want to put on the board! Here are some of the things I picked up from the craft store…

Here are a few snipets of my board. 🙂
Do not gag at the site of this! Of course I want to get married one day…one day far far far away from today.


I am a student 🙂 so when i saw this baby diploma i just had to have it!!



 Whelp, there you go! What I want in life is just a bit more clear to me and I’m glad about it!



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