A New Month and a New Mindset

Age is nothing but a number! Let me explain what I mean.

As my birthday approached I felt an overwhelming sadness about “getting older”. I just kept feeling as though I was running out of time and that my dreams would become harder to complete. My level of worry exceeded maximum capacity and I didn’t want to celebrate at all.

In all honesty I have accomplished a good amount in this past year. The goals I used to repeatedly write down on paper were the exact same goals I could now check off my list as complete! This fact made my sadness seem quite confusing to those close to me.

So what was bothering me so much? Why was I so down? Better yet, what could I do to change this feeling?!

Well, for starters my beau made me celebrate. I got dressed up and he took me to dinner. It was great to be with friends and just celebrate life! Next, I dug deep and got to the root of what was bothering me. I found that it wasn’t that I hadn’t accomplished anything but that there were bigger things I really wanted to happen! At this point in life for those things to come into manifestation I would simply have to have more faith and work harder! It occurred to me that when what I say I’m going to do consistently matches with what I actually do success would be at my finger tips!

So here we are in the first day of June. My goal for the month being to do what I say I’m going to do!

…and so the journey continues.





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