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In my last hair DIY I opted to dye my extensions to give them the ombre effect. I absolutely loved it for summer!

By the end of July I was completely tired of the color and thought that maybe it was time to take the color out.
Problem 1: Now, I don’t like to spend my money. Who really does?! I figured it was best to dye the hair Jet Black and sew it back in after I had given my natural hair some TLC !
Problem 2: I strongly dislike sewing in weave on my own as it takes me millions of years to complete. (huge exaggeration. more like half a day…a girl does need breaks for food) Then it occurred to me that this was the perfect time to try and make my own clip ins!

 This are the only products that I used to wash my hair. I used the co-wash method by Naptural85 on YouTube!!!
 These are the items I used to dye the hair and make the clips.
 This was my first time using the Bigen powder and as I had no clue how to use it I had to ask for help from my Channy. After a quick call to her for advice on this dye I got right to work!

A selfie for the final results 🙂

All in all making the clips wasn’t really all that hard. It definitely beat trying to sew in the wefts of hair on my own! I used them for about a month before recently taking them out to let my natural hair breathe. At least now I can easily add length to my head without all the sewing! Its a great alternative!
What styles have you been rocking lately? I’d love to know!

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  1. November 11, 2014 / 11:16 pm

    I recommend it!! I love it and have used it for years!! How is the Macadamia range?

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