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Hello hello ladies and gents,

I was recently given the opportunity to be a guest blogger by the lovely Briana Williams, my friend and the author of !!!

*and the crowd goes wild*

Who is ?? Well, being that I’ve know her since my freshman year of college I figured that my love for her blog may come across a bit bias. In an effort to prevent that from happening, it would be much better for you to hear from the author herself about why you should love her blog just as much as I do!

Without further ado I present my current bloggercrush, Life with Bri !!

Why LifewithBri you ask?  At the age of 23, I began this very blog because although I feel I have overcome many things overtime, I still at times struggle with my weight, insecurities and much more (and the media certainly does not help); but I hope to share with the world the many choices I have decided to make along


the way to live a happier, healthier and more spiritual lifestyle.

The purpose of this blog is to not only show you how I have made and continue to try making better choices through my testimonies and life experiences, but to hopefully inspire you to make better choices as well.

“When you choose the behavior, you choose the consequence.  You create your own reality with your intentions, the truth is — life is about choices.”
Here are some of my favorite posts! Give them a read and prepare to become obsessed!
So what are you waiting for?! Read, comment, like, connect, share and subscribe to Life with Bri!!! I’m more than sure that you will be glad you did!
P.S. You can read my guest post and by clicking …. HERE!

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