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Here we are with our last post for January. Can you believe that January is almost over?! It seemed to just fly by! There was no post last week because I took last Wednesday off in order to take a section of my CPA exam and boy oh boy was it tough! If you would like to read about my experience with the exam so far just click here!

Drumroll please? The last post of the month is dedicated to M U S I C.♥♥

Have you ever heard a song that sounds as if it is speaking directly to your inner being? A song so great that it’s lyrics set in your mind and keep you moving during those moments where the circumstances of  life are begging you to give up? A song that just revives your soul? You have?! Well that is exactly how I felt when I first heard “Break the Shell” by India Arie.



I have always loved India Arie. Even before I picked up my first guitar her music was always a comfort to me. Being raised in a Christian household there really wasn’t very much secular music played so she was one of the few artists that I could listen to. As a matter of fact, if it wasn’t her, Whitney Houston or Micheal Jackson it most likely was not okay to play out loud while my parents were around. When going to the store to get her albums my favorite part was finally getting back to the car so that I could pull out the booklet and read her letters to her family and fans. Reading her letters was just as important to me as listening to the actual music! I could just imagine her sitting down somewhere peaceful, taking the time to hand write a letter to those who listen to her music. Does anyone still give out handwritten letters these days? Tangent. Let me get back to the focus of this post.


This song really resonates with me because through out my life I have been told in one way or another to break out of my shell. The reality of hearing this over and over again during different seasons of my life is that it’s so much easier for someone to say that to me than for me to do it. I think each of us has some idea of what we want to do or who we want to be but so many things can get in the way. Things like fear, doubt, worry and wanting to avoid possible humiliation are just a few. *smacks forehead* For some of us there are layers of limiting beliefs and fear to work through. Which leads to one of  my favorite lyrics in the song. “It’s time to peel back all of the layers you put between who you’re meant to be and who you are and go BE who you are.” I didn’t say it! India Arie did and she is totally right! Regardless of what happened before in our lives now is the time to step up and take courage so that we can truly live our best lives!


It's time to peel back all of the layers you put between who you're meant to be and who you are and go be who you are. - India Arie Click To Tweet


There will be some tough moments but like India says in her song “life’s gonna hurt but it’s meant to be felt”. I don’t know about you but I’m going to keep trying. Like a baby bird just pecking at the shell until it breaks I’m going to keep taking step after step to break my shell. Will you?  Now I can not force you to but like India Arie sings at the end of the song  “Do what these words what you will. It’s time for us to be for real. You’ll be stuck on the ground until you finally break the shell.”


Pop this song into your headphones whenever you need that gentle reminder to push yourself beyond your comfort zone! Enough typing, below is a video of me singing this beautiful song. Enjoy!


What is your current favorite song? Share below!








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