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Hey friends! and Happy November!


The holiday season is finally here and I am so excited!! I’m so ready to eat Thanksgiving and Christmas
dinner! *drools* Aren’t you? Speaking of eating let me get to the purpose of today’s post. I wanted to share my experience with you all using the Smile Brilliant whitening system!


The opportunity to try out the Smile Brilliant Whitening system couldn’t have come at a better time. Aside from all of the eating, I plan to do in the coming weeks I also plan to take a lot of selfies and family photos which means my smile must also be ready! White teeth works so well with the perfect lip color, don’t you agree?


Now I must admit that I was a bit nervous when I first received the package. Due to some past dentist appointments, I have sensitive teeth and gums so I have to be very careful about what I use to keep my teeth clean. When I think of teeth whitening systems I can’t help but to wonder “How much is this going to hurt?”. The other reason for my rattled nerves is that my teeth aren’t that dull in the first place so I wasn’t sure of how great my results would be. Never the less I opened up the package and got started with the process.


Inside of the package were instructions on how to make the molds and instructions on how to use the whitening system once I received the whitening trays. After I completed all of the reading I got to work on making the molds for my trays. Making the molds using the ingredients provided was actually fun! It brought back memories of being five years old and playing with Play-do. Do you remember Play-do? Kids still play with that stuff right? lol, The instructions were detailed, super clear and easy to follow so I didn’t even need the extra set of blue paste and catalyst that came in the package. Once the molds were complete I placed them into the pink packaging that was also provided and sent it off to Smile Brilliant. It didn’t take long for Smile Brilliant to receive the molds and return the custom-fitted trays that I’d use with the whitening and desensitizing gels.



Each night I used the gels as instructed. First I had to floss and brush with water, dry my teeth as best I could and then apply the whitening gel to the trays and let them sit on my teeth for a set amount of time. For the first few sessions, I only let the whitening gel sit on my teeth for about 45 minutes. After the 45 minutes were up I would rinse than brush my teeth with actual toothpaste and rinse off my trays and dry them so that I could move on to the desensitizing gel.  It actually tasted quite nice lol had I not be afraid that I was going to poison myself I might have eaten it like candy haha



After a few whitening sessions I stopped using it because my gums began to show irritation. I contacted my Smile Brilliant Associate to ask about what I should do and she responded immediately with tips on how to handle the irritation. Throughout the process, my Smile Brilliant associate was there for me ready to answer any question I had. Honestly, their customer service could rival that of Chick Fil A! She said that I should stop using it for about a day or two to allow my gums to calm down and told me to coat my gums with Vaseline or Coconut oil once I was ready to begin using the whitening system again. Thinking back I now realize that the instructions recommended that you coat the gums before each whitening session but I forgot to do it *smacks forehead*



Once my gums calmed down, I got serious about using Vaseline to coat my gums before each whitening session and experienced no further irritation to my gums. Over the next few days as I was completing my whitening sessions  I upped the time that I would leave the whitening gel on my teeth from 45 minutes to an hour, the max being an hour and 15 minutes. As I first suspected, I didn’t see very dramatic results. My teeth did lighten up but only just a bit with the most noticeable whitening showing on the enamel farthest away from my gums. I try to work on being a positive person each day so let me give you my happy take on this whitening system. The fact that I had no serious irritation to my gums and teeth and did see some level of whitening is great, so not seeing super dramatic results didn’t bother me at all. All in all, I think Smile Brilliant is definitely worth a try if you’re looking to get those pearly whites their absolute brightest just in time for this holiday season!


Would you like to give the Smile Brilliant whitening system a try??

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