Can I Be Honest?

I wanted to post something cute but er uhm… I decided to go another direction this time…bear with me.

I have been a Christian my entire life. Seriously. I cannot remember a time when God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit was not an active way of life and conversation in my world.  One of my first books was this small, red, children’s, picture bible. I remember being upset as I realized that I knew how to read and that my parents had the “big people bible” . No pictures…just black and red writing. I wanted that Bible. My heart was new and excited about Jesus.

When I grew up the world lost its shine…and my faith its intensity. My hunger had subsided and well….in many ways I became too relaxed.

I am 25 years old now and more and more I realize that I am no longer a child. I have reached an age where I am in charge of the health of my soul, spirit, mind and body. I am now in a sense my own  mom. And my parents are more so my advisers so to speak. I mean lets face it, by the time we reach 16 we just stop listening to our parents  anyway,  convinced that they just don’t get it (they get it, they just want to save us from all possible hurt).
And honestly, honestly, it’s a huge job to take over. I recently went through a period of, “God help me cause I just don’t know! “  Still in that place! The decisions that I have to make for myself each day leave me depleted  of energy by 12 midnight. The organization, the cleaning, the cooking (learning), thinking of others needs, and don’t even get me started on this whole “courting vs. dating” thing, trying to figure out what to do with my life or even trying to really figure what to do with this blog, how to use my talents and gifts to impact this world. Realizing that my prayer habits and study habits are in actuality quite pitiful. That I don’t spend enough time with Him. That it’s not up to my parents to make this relationship with Jesus work. Its up to me now. It’s just a huge responsibility!

It is my desire to live according to my faith. To really thrive while living on this earth. I intend to put down my excuses and try harder each day to live up to my full potential and to do better on my part of the relationship with my Savior!

Is this a journey? Yes. Can I be a champion at this whole “adulthood” phase? Yes!

The next question is… Will you join me ? Who’s in?


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