Do Blondes Really Have More Fun? | My First Lace-front Wig

Allow me to start this post with a little story.


Once upon a time, there lived a girl who received an invitation to a fall wedding. Being that this wedding was taking place in late October, her vision for her outfit was a navy blue dress and big blonde hair. For years she wanted to try a new hair color but it was just to much of a personal risk with her sporting a full head of natural hair and all. She knew that her hair was to be the focus of the ensemble. The big day arrived and her dress was ready but of course her hair was not. To her utter dismay, as she was trying to finish her wig, she cut her fingers with hair shears! Can you believe it?! In a panic, the girl immediately decided that she just could not attend the wedding. If it were not for her fairy stylist-friend who encouraged her to just go purchase a wig instead of crying about the one she couldn’t not finish we may not have a blog post today. So off they went to the local beauty supply store to find the perfect wig. She walked in optimistic and in no time at all found the perfect little blonde bob. “That’s it! That’s the hair I will wear tonight!” she exclaimed and with her debit card in hand she paid for the wig feeling absolutely victorious! They then returned home where she got dressed, beat her face to to the high heavens, placed on her wig and had a wonderful night.

The end.


Why did I tell you this story?! Well, because that girl was me just a few months before the end of 2017. That is the story of how I ended up purchasing my first lace-front wig. After all of the fuss and fear of wearing one, it took almost cutting off my fingers to get me to try one. *smacks forehead* I am glad that it happened though because ever since I’ve temporarily changed the color of my hair I have been having just a bit more fun!*winks*


First things first, I must admit that I wasn’t totally comfortable with the way people responded to this new hair. It caused me to wonder things such as, so does the hair make me more approachable or am I just allowing myself to be more open because I’m wearing the hair? Is it that they like me or is it that they like the hair? Could it be that I fell head first into the stereotype and just gave a bit more energy to life because of the hair color? Did I have begin to enjoy life more because somewhere in my subconscious I thought that’s what blondes do? Seriously, what is it?? Have you ever noticed that as well? When a human, man or woman, goes from dark hair to a beautiful blonde it’s like the fresh wind of favor and beauty just falls all over them. Or even a woman who usually wears a ponytail, if she walks in with her hair down she suddenly becomes the Beyoncé of the room. Everyone that he or she walks past gives second glances, compliments and a plethora of “Ooooos and Ahhhhsss and Yassss!!” Who started this trend?! Never mind. Don’t answer that it has the potential to become quite political or even racial and I don’t have time. At least not in this particular post.




















Now back to this wig. I’d like to point out that this is a synthetic wig that I purchased from my local beauty supply store. That’s right! Synthetic I tell you! It didn’t cost more than $70 dollars. A bit of plucking at the part, a few bobby pins, some concealer and dark eye shadow and voila! Baby Bey was born! Ha! I wore this wig for a month straight before giving it some rest and it held up so well with minimal tangles. As a result of this wig working out for me I’ve been wearing blonde hair a lot more these days and I’m loving it. Wigs, when worn correctly are a really great protective style that allow the user to reach the scalp whenever needed. Buying a wig is the easiest way to try a new look with out risking possible damage to your own hair. It can’t get much better than that! I don’t know if it’s the hair color or not but life is just a bit more brighter and I am not mad about it! šŸ™‚



Is there a special hair color that you’ve always wanted to try?






P.S. There will be a video up on my YouTube channel very soon about this wig and how I wear it so make sure that you subscribe so you can watch!! As always thank you for stopping by my creative space on the internet!


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