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Hey there! How are you guys??!! Did ya miss me?! *bats eyelashes coated with mascara*
Mmmkay, so I usually scroll through instagram  (like the rest of the world) just hitting the like button or simply scrolling right past but this post hit home with me. I mean looookkkk at that foootttt on the left. #nasty. #hurt. *deep sigh* *moment of silence for this foot on the left*
Now consider the whole picture, caption and all. I mean I can’t tell you how many times I have looked at a picture of someone working in their element and thought “Ooooo that’s nice I want that!” or “Man, why don’t I have that?” or “Psh, I could do that.”
Those quick shot opinions came from just seeing that right foot on the right. Seeing something beautiful, glamorous and graceful, without taking into consideration the process that a person must have went through to get to where they are. I thought to myself “Well yea, I want to be successful but Laawwddd knows I don’t want to go through what that foot on the left dealt with!! *grimace face* After staring at this picture for a few more moments I realized that this requirement to “do the work” applies to just about every aspect in life, physical and spiritual.
Nowww I am not exactly happy about the thought of going through any kind of process. *yuck* I prefer to just wait for five minutes and have a plethora of opportunities and money sitting at my feet but that isn’t real life. You can’t microwave your way to success    .
Don’t let that beat up foot scare you. Do the work to get your desired result. Go through the countless hours of training. Get help if you need it. Cling to those positive people who push and uplift you. Patch up your wounds so that you heal correctly and keep going. Don’t dwell on the growing pains that may occur. Do not pay attention to the time it takes to get there. Work until what began as a huge discomfort becomes your strengths! DO celebrate your progress no matter how small! DO dwell on how amazing it will feel to have reached the point of wearing your “gorgeous ballet slippers”. Realize that once you get to that sucess you may very well still incur some hurt, but know that you are so worth the work. Your gifts, your talents, your skills need to be shared with people. Remember that there is room enough for everyone including you to share your light with the world.
Please know that as I am typing this I am speaking to you but also to myself. Know you are not alone and that I congratulate you on the progress that you have already made! We must continue to greatness! Let’s work!!!! *Harlem shake*
 – Love Nate



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  1. July 1, 2014 / 9:08 pm

    I love your blog! It is always so motivating! I think people are more enamored with idea of success! People don't realize that once you become successful the intensity of your workload just increases — getting there, working through all of the battles just toughens you for when success is to come!

    xo, N

  2. July 2, 2014 / 3:01 am

    Thank you so much!! What you said is so true! “working through all of the battles just toughens you for when success is to come!” Love that!

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