Fearless Friday: Build Your Confidence Through God

Wow, how exciting is this!? It’s the first Fearless Friday of the year!


Being that it is January sixth maybe some of the glitter of the New Year has begun to wear off. You may have begun to forget the excitement you had that night at 12pm and all the resolutions you made. Maybe you’ve already stopped following through  on those resolutions or begun to think that you were dreaming more than you could accomplish? Well, I’m here to tell you not to fall for those defeatist behaviors because you can and will get things done this year. Know that it will take a huge amount of belief and confidence in yourself to push past the bad habits of 2016 and into the victory of 2017!

You might be asking yourself “How do I get this confidence? This belief that this year is different, that I am different?” I have asked those same questions. People always say “You have to believe in you first.”, but what if that is the exact problem that you are having? What if your struggle is that your confidence level fluctuates between average and low with the occasional boost of high.

What helps me to remain confident and believe in my dreams is to draw my confidence through God. I do this by remembering all the wonderful things God says about me in His word. Sometimes I can just think on them to be reassured and other times I have to say them aloud. I remind myself that He created me on purpose and with purpose. He created me fearfully and wonderfully, in His image and likeness. I say to myself  ” If God Himself was pleased when He created you and placed you in your mother’s womb, then you too should wake up each morning with great satisfaction at the amazing person that you are!”

Remember to set your mind on the journey that God has given you. Stop comparing yourself to others. Be confident that God made no mistake when He created you. Remind yourself that He loves every facial expression, every ounce of who you are. The ideas and dreams He has given you were placed in your for a reason. You were chosen to carry them out! How incredible is that?!  If God loves you as you are then why can’t YOU love you as you are?

On this first Friday of the year begin to encourage yourself  in God. Tell yourself about the wonderful person God has made you. Remind yourself of how much the Creator loves you and watch your confidence become healthy and consistent.

Will you try it?





P.S. Have you seen the planner that I am using this year? My 2017 Monthly Planner? 

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