Follow Through to Success : Day 1

Hello loves,

Yesterday I put up a short post about this habit that I really want to develop. I talked about how I really want to be able to take my dreams from a list of goals on paper to action steps taken each day. I’m ready to see change and growth!! I’m going to do my best to document each day so let start with day one.

Day One:

I was fired up all day (during work) about getting off and going home to complete my list. One of the first things I knew to do was make sure that the list was realistic! I wrote down about six small things I could get done that day to push myself a bit further to my dreams. 🙂 (Can I just mention that it’s so nice to have faith in what you can’t see! I feel like a kid again!) Once I got home that fired up feeling had gone and alas I found myself in bed taking a nap. :-/ I woke later that night *smacks forehead* thinking “You’ve got to get up!! You just said you wanted to change!! Keep your word to yourself!! Get up!!” Eventually, I did just that and with a bit of encouragement and company from my beau I completed every task but one from my list!!


Now the one thing I didn’t do was go to the gym. #lestruggle

That’s okay. I fully believe in “If at first you don’t succeed try, try again!”

I’ve put the gym on today’s list and I intend to see it through!
This is the planner I’m using for the year and my current favorite pen. Perfect tools for getting my daily to-do lists on paper! Don’t you just love the gold polka dots?!

29 days to go and I’m excited! How about you? #followthroughtosuccess






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