Follow Through to Success: Day 2 

Mawnin loves!

Here we are recapping day two of this 30 day journey !


Day Two: 

Per usual I left work with my list ready to go. I reached the couch in my living room not long after work and what did I do? I sat down which turned into me laying down and cuddling up to the couch pillow for a nap. Now, I know what you’re thinking “Oh no! Not the nap trap again?” Well don’t worry because I had to get up so I could go to out with my beau. We ended up having a meal with friends, perfect end to the night. My problem was of course that my night could not end without that list being dealt with. :-/

It led me to wonder …why do we choose to reward ourselves with fun before we actually do the work? My blatant disregard for the list I created was procrastination at its best. The only one who had to suffer because of this decision was me.

I know you’re probably wondering if I completed the list and more importantly did I make it to the gym?
YES! Yes I did!!! *and the crowd goes wild*

I used the Nike+ app to create a four-week program to follow and got right to work. The workout was tough but I got through it the best I could at 11pm at night. There were schedule changes that allowed for me to move some of the things on my list to another day. The tasks that I couldn’t move I just had to complete once I left the gym.


Am I tired this morning? Why yes, yes I am. Am I happy that I pushed myself to do more than I normally would? Yes 🙂 , yes I am.What have you pushed yourself to do lately? Just when you felt you had no energy left did you push through?






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