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Hello my loves!

This post has been a long time coming. I originally did this look for my sister in September of 2017 and for some reason I did not post it. Thinking back, the only reason that I can come up with for why it took me so long to post was fear. Fear of the criticism and opinions from others of my work. It seems so silly now, with all of the heart work I’ve been doing, that I let fear stop me from posting about something I enjoy doing and a makeup look that my sister loved!

(Can we take a moment to acknowledge this #flatlay?! Pictured above are a few of my favorite things :

…back to the post.

That being said this post is gonna be a short one! It’s only purpose being for me to share this eye look. I put on my makeup artist hat for a few moments to give my sister a fitting look as she was attending a concert that night. She always manages to find time for me to do her face. 🙂


Now I must admit that since she’s my sister I know her face almost as well as she does. That and her being so open to any look gives me the confidence and opportunity to expand past my comfort zone of natural makeup looks. I learned quite early while I was taking classes to be certified  as a makeup artist that I am more of a natural girl than a glam artist.With my sister I always get to push outside of my comfort zone and try something new.


For this look I kept her skin and lip quite natural because I wanted the focus to be on her eyes. I decided to pull out jewel toned pinks,purples and blues and use the pigments I had to intensify the look. I call it galactic fantasy. *whispers* I want to point out that I was completely surprised that it turned out so well! hahah! Seriously, apart of me thought she’d look in the mirror and disown me lol Pictured above are the palate and pigments I used. The eyeshadow palate is from MAC and the pigments came in the makeup kit that came with my course.



Looking back at these pictures and having the confidence to post them  has really reignited my adoration of makeup. I love the way it can enhance, transform and accessorize the beauty of the individual wearing it. To review what I learned during my classes and take in even more I purchased Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin. I get excited just looking at the cover of the book! Since makeup is something I really enjoy I’m going to take my time with this process of becoming a true artist. Whether it happens in months or takes 20 years, I hope that my future clients leave my chair more aware of how beautiful they are on the inside and out.

Making Faces


Tell me do you prefer natural makeup or a more glamorous look?




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