Hair Length Check : December 2015

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In December, as preparation for my graduation ceremony, I had my hair straightened and trimmed. I figured that this was  a good time to do a formal length check . Pictured below is my hair after being blown dry, straightened, trimmed and then curled.


These ends are no bueno!



A trim = A clean slate to work from!

IMG_8126   IMG_8123


Judging from the last time that I straightened my hair, I would have to say that I have experienced a setback. I did have it cut a bit along the ends because they were rather sparse lol. I believe that because of my frequent use of sew-ins during my time at school that I wasn’t properly moisturizing my hair which lead to some breakage. I also got a bit frustrated as I was detangling and so I most likely ripped some hair out. *sigh Tip: Never do your hair when in a bad mood.

I plan to wear my natural hair out until April and get back to a strict hair regimen to ensure length retention. I will do another length check at the end of July and one at the end of December. I’m hoping that by eating right, exercising and sticking to a hair regimen that I will see some nice growth by the time July rolls around.

How do you track your hair growth? Do you take pictures? Or do you measure your hair with a measuring tape?  Comment below and let me know!





P.S. If you would be interested in doing a hair challenge to get going on good hair habits please let me know!


[Hair stylist and photographer for the day : My sister @ctaylrd on Instagram]





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