How I Style My Mom Jeans | Summer 2018


Hello My Darlings,


September is here! What in the crap?! Where has the time gone??


Before we officially fall into Autumn, (see what I did there? Fall? Fall into Autumn? haha!) I’d like to tell you all about the most worn item of clothing in my wardrobe this summer. The infamous mom jean! For the past few summers I have watched some of my favorite bloggers and Youtubers wear this fit of jean with their choice of top, heel, designer belt and purse. I would spend hours at my computer screen or in my phone drooling over the way these jeans made them look. Each time my reaction would be “YAAASSSSSS!!!!No matter the shape of the woman, once they put on these jeans their waists look so tiny, their hips nice and full and the jeans themselves seem to speak for the wearer and say “Oh you know, I woke up like this”. *inserts hair flip*



As strongly as I felt about these jeans I just hadn’t gone out to find a pair that fit and then spend the money to purchase them. To be honest, I can be quite the Frugal Fran when I want to be. Don’t blame me blame my mother the bargain shopper. It is because of her that I start my shopping in the sale section of a store and then make my way to the regular priced stuff. One of my favorite things to do is come home and say “Mom!! Look at what I got from the sale section!! ALLLLLL of these!!” Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this? :-/



Anyywho I finally got my own pair this summer *swoons* and man on man did I wear them out! I have absolutely become obsessed with these jeans. Calling them my go-to jeans would be a major understatement. I’ve dressed them up and down, wore them with heels and sneakers, crop tops and body suits! You name it and I have tried it. Well everything except pairing with them with a designer belt and purse, still praying to the most high that someone gifts me those items. Could that special someone be you? Ha! I purchased these jeans from forever 21 around the same time that I got the floral dress for my sister’s graduation but sadly these jeans were not on sale. Since I wear them so often I’d say I am getting my money’s worth. These jeans are so comfortable and the fact that they are a light wash doesn’t bother me at all. I honestly wish I would have gotten them in another color and much sooner than this summer.



I won’t lie to you guys I did have moments of  “Are these jeans still in style?” but right after that I would remember that I don’t care! In my mind I knew that I loved these jeans and were determined to have my time with them. I mean isn’t that the very definition of style? Taking the pieces you love and making them your own regardless of  whether it’s on trend or not?


So tell me what’s been your favorite piece of clothing to wear this summer? I’d love to know!


Have a great rest of your summer babes!




Nate ♥




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