I Almost Quit Blogging!!!

Let me get right to the story.

The more that I realized how much I actually enjoy blogging the more that I wanted to present something better for readers to look at. I felt this pressure to do things bigger, better, more glamorous….and it almost made me quit blogging all together.

As I began to research what top bloggers do to ensure their success and how these days most bloggers are doing it headed towards their blog bringing in revenue things  just got overwhelming.
you wouldn’t believe how much people put into their blogs!!
….from photo shoots, to cameras, blog design, branding and marketing. It’s just so much more than I thought was actually happening behind the scenes. Not to mention that you have to remain consistent or you know ….apparently no one will bother to visit your site.

Each time that I get overwhelmed I try to understand how I got here. I remind myself  that in one of my first posts I said I  would only do this as long as it was fun and healthy. Well since I like doing this I better keep it that way, huh?

So just after my hair post “creating a bun” I was really trying to learn more about blogging and how to work things….

You know how google connects everything – your blog, google plus, gmail and youtube. so i was clicking through folders and saw photo folders. Now to my knowledge or lack there of i immediately went crazy trying to figure out how in the world all of my pictures ended up on a google plus photo album. In a haste , trying to keep my stuff secure, I deleted that photo album. Next thing I  know every image that I had up on my blog was gone!!!  Gone I tell you gone!!!
I could not believe what I had just done!  Two years of growing up just gone! So of course my next steps were to call my boyfriend and cry and then quit blogging. I mean how could I possibly go on?! Being the amazing human being that he is, he helped talk me off the cliff and said maybe I should think about starting the official launch (hence the announcement) of  sincerelynate.com!

I think about it for a while and agree, mainly because I had no energy to fight against the idea. A few days later I  start trying to secure better cameras, a clearer vision of my brand, photo shoots, more content ideas and a web designer…only to wake up one morning completely defeated.
I thought okay well maybe I can upload one photo up at a time and sooner or later my old blogspot space will be back to all it’s original posts….and out of nowhere …..BAM !!! I FOUND MY PHOTOS AGAIN!!!

I was literally  two seconds from completely giving up.


So what I have I learned…
1. make no decisions when in emotional frenzy
2. stop, drop and pray will forever be words i must remember
3.when things suck call my boyfriend and gloob
4. never ever ever just give up
5. alway always always try again until i succeed

Have I succeed completely ? No. Not until you all are clicking onto sincerelynate.com
I’m still trying to figure out …well…EVERYTHING!!!

But it’s coming….it is coming!


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  1. January 31, 2016 / 12:17 am

    so happy you kept going and pushed through! I love your blog and you! xoxo

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