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August 11, 2017

Hey there,

I’m so nervous to even type this….but here goes…

There is a part of me that I have been reluctant to share on this blog. Recently, I have been feeling that I shouldn’t withhold this from you all anymore as it is a huge part of me and a skill set that I’d like to use to help others. That part of me is accounting. During the day when I’m not blogging, singing or making videos and learning new positive ways to deal with life, I earn a living working as an auditor.

Now I know that accounting isn’t a very glamorous career and for that reason alone I do not expect this topic to interest very many. I’m not even sure that I will publicize the posts I publish about this topic, but I figured just in case another fellow accountant is reading it would be okay for me to share my journey in this profession. Accountants are everywhere and in every industry and we aren’t all walking around in boring brown suits waiting for the next paycheck lol.  I want to feel safe in sharing all of me on my blog otherwise how could it be sincerely me. šŸ™‚

Despite what TV shows depict about auditing I really do enjoy my job. It can be hard work, especially during busy season, but I love it. The main push for me to share about my profession right now is that I am studying for the CPA exam!! It is absolutely the hardest thing I have decided to accomplish to date. It is a four-part exam taken one section at a time and I have yet to pass one. I am currently using the Becker study system for main study and I also purchased the NINJA multiple choice questions for extra practice .I’ve taken and failed the BEC section twice and I am currently waiting on the scores for AUD which I took this past July.

I plan to take the exam in the following order:

  • BEC
  • AUD
  • REG
  • FAR

I wanted to share or document this experience because I don’t see it shared very often but if there ever was a place that people needed inspiration (including myself) the CPA exam is it! If you are currently studying/testing please know that you are not alone! I understand the sacrifice and I believe it will pay off! If you know someone who might benefit from this post please share it with them!

Thank you for reading more posts to come!




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