Keep Going.


You know those times in life when you allow yourself to dream? You try a new idea and it doesn’t turn out how you want it to? Then, when the outcome isn’t like the romanticized fairy-tale that you thought it would be all sorts of questions begin to race through your mind? You try to figure out if your plans are worth fighting for. You try to figure out exactly what God’s plans are for your life. Doubt creeps in and then to make matters worse you get on social media and stare at all of the great moments that people are having rather than just remaining grateful for your blessings. (Please stop doing that. Please?) It’s the easiest downward spiral to fall into.

Truth be told I almost fell into that black hole of seemly defeat, self-pity and sadness…..almost.
What stopped me? I’ll tell you.
1. I prayed. Read my post STOP, DROP and PRAY to find out exactly what I mean.
2.I reached out to positive counsel for advice.

3.I began to think on good things. What sort of things? Read  Philippians 4: 8.


If you feel like you have allowed yourself to dream, you gathered up the courage to try and it just didn’t work out, don’t give up. Yes, it’s normal to feel down and fell as though its never going to work but don’t allow yourself to fall into that mentality. You’ve got to dust yourself off and try again. Believe that this temporary setback is just making you stronger.


Allow yourself a moment to cry but after that give those worries to Jesus in prayer. Ask for guidance and revisit your strategy with the new lesson you’ve just learned. Remember that a loss or two was at some point bound to happen as it is apart of the process. It is not the end! In fact I think it means you are closer to your success.


Like I did at one point, you probably thought “Well I’ve been through this before and it sucked. I failed again.”  Here is my suggestion. Set your eyes on all you have accomplished from the time you started ’til now. You’ve grown! Love yourself enough to see that and celebrate it. Start thinking on good things and get back to this beautiful journey you have begun!


Bottom line is don’t stop. Keep going ! Keep going! Keep going!
What do you say? Are you ready to try again? Ready to keep going?


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