Monday Motivation : Three Things You Are

Sometimes we just need that reminder  that :phonto

  1. You matter. What does it mean to matter?  The verb matter means to be of importance; have significance. If we apply that meaning to ourselves we are saying that we are of important and do in fact have significance.How amazing does that feel?
  2. You are loved. What does it mean to be loved. To be loved means that there are people in this world who have a deep affection and attachment to us. Even more than that there is our Heavenly Father who shows us how much he loves us each and everyday! Are you allowing yourself to feel that love today?
  3. You are enough. What does it mean to be enough? It means that the persons we are right now with all of the qualities we posses, whether we use them or not, are all that is necessary to be the light this earth needs.

I fully understand that sometimes Monday mornings are tough, but there is just too much proof that if  we get through this moment, the rest of our day, month, and year(s) will be the best of our lives. Nothing great ever came to the man or woman who did not keep trying. Let’s speak out loud and remind ourselves that we are loved and cherished and seen and wanted on this earth. We can start by letting this thought take root deep down in our minds, “You are enough just as you are now. Greater is coming! ”

Let’s work! Have an amazing day!




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