Monthly Goals : April 2015


It’s the beginning of the month so you know what that means! Time for my monthly goals! 

Here we go!

1. Finish one book for leisure.
This month’s book is written by Joyce Meyer. I recently went to a conference she gave which made me pick up one of her books. I started to read it before and never really finished it but this month I intend to read it from beginning to end!

2. Post twice a week on the blog.
Yes, I am still pursuing the goal of consistent posting to my blog. Why? One, because it’s therapeutic for me and I enjoy it. Two, I have watched the success of people who put work into the things they enjoy doing and I would like to reap the benefits of that kind of journey!

3. Develop a bedtime routine.
I am one of those girls who gets on YouTube to watch morning and night routines instead of actually having one of my own. My theory is that if I give myself a bedtime routine in the same way that a mother develops one for her child then I’ll be able to sleep better at night. 

4. Spend time with God each day.
This was a hard goal for me to put down…but here is the deal. I need to do better with making time to sit ,talk to, and learn about my God each day. It is something I desire to make apart of my everyday life. I’m hoping that by plastering this goal on my blog I can become intentional about this and do what is necessary for my spiritual growth. Do you ever feel that way?

5. Publish new About Me page and Contact page.
I am almost ready to publish the new About Me page and Contact page. Hopefully it will really give readers an idea of what Sincerely, Nate is about and encourage some collaborations in the near future!

March Recap

1. Complete six posts this month on the blog.
I want to see what consistency can bring me. I want to be more disciplined about blogging simply because I enjoy it! I’m shooting for two posts a week.

  • I managed to complete three posts. That’s half of my goal so I feel good about my progress.

Complete homework assignments ahead of time.
Since this is an ongoing goal until I graduate I probably won’t list this as a goal from here on out.

  • Again, this is more of a regular “To Do” so I won’t post this as a goal anymore.

3. Finish one book for leisure.
I was given a book by one of my SIC and I’d really like to sit down and read it. Let’s hope that this month I can do it!

  • Goal completed! I read a book about renting your first apartment. It was actually very informative and was based on biblical principles. Even provided a budget that included 10% for tithes. I’m going to keep this book handy for when it’s time to leave the nest.



4. Redo my About Me page.I want to make sure that when you click on that tab you get a clear idea of what you will find on Sincerely, Nate! I think I’m procrastinating on this goal because I fear its going to be difficult to complete.

  • I have been working on this! It’s almost there. I still have some editing to do just so that the purpose of the blog is as clear as I can get it…for now.

What is April looking like for you?  What are your plans?


Nate <3

P.S. I’m not sure if I will get another post up before Sunday so Happy Resurrection Day to you all!!!



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  1. April 15, 2015 / 2:28 am

    Love your images and the way you have shared honestly – you are an inspiration and I am following your journey – awesome work!

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