Monthly Goals: March 2015

Hey there,

It has been such a long time since I’ve created a post so rather than an introduction I’m going to get right to it!

Goals for March

1. Complete six posts this month on the blog.
I want to see what consistency can bring me. I want to be more disciplined about blogging simply because I enjoy it! I’m shooting for two posts a week.

2. Complete homework assignments ahead of time.
Since this is an ongoing goal until I graduate I probably won’t list this as a goal from here on out.

3. Finish one book for leisure.
I was given a book by one of my SIC and I’d really like to sit down and read it. Let’s hope that this month I can do it!

4. Redo my About Me page.
I want to make sure that when you click on that tab you get a clear idea of what you will find on Sincerely, Nate! I think I’m procrastinating on this goal because I fear its going to be difficult to complete.

You may have noticed that I have no recap for February. That is because I did not complete any of those goals.This month’ s goals are from last month.  February just speed by and left me in the dust. Hopefully I will use my planner  in order to remain organized and motivated this month!

What are you guys doing this month? How was your February?




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