Motivation Monday: Love is the Motivation

Have you ever caught yourself watching others making moves or grinding and wondered “Why in the world am I not like that?” or “What the heck keeps him/her moving?”, well so have I. It led me to really sit and think about what exactly motivates me. I wanted to find that substance, thought, or feeling that would push me to work past my regular nine to five.

After much consideration, I found that the one thing that keeps me motivated is L O V E. God’s love for me to be exact. Knowing that He loves me, has loved me and has provided for me even when I’ve forgotten to acknowledge him, motivates me more than anything. When I stop to consimage-1ider that I have been created in the likeness and image of my creator I cannot help but to want to excel in life.

How could I not be motivated by a God who loves me so much that He would give His only begotten son for me?

How could I not be motivated by He who loved me first?

How could I not be motivated by Him when He knows what I need before I even ask for it?

How could I not be motivated by God when His word  lets me know that I will be blessed far beyond what I could ever imagine?

I figure if God can  love me through all of my mess then the least I could do is push past my negative feelings to give my best to every waking moment afforded to me.

What about you, whats your motivation? 

Let’s work!






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