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Hello beautiful people!

The words underneath the name of my blog are faith, beauty and music. The keyword for this post is music.

Music has always been apart of my life. In fact, I can not think of anyone in my immediate family (biological or spiritual) who does not have some sort of musical ability. For a while I lost my love for singing and I think it was because I lost confidence in the gift that God gave me. I was way too busy comparing myself to others and spending too much criticizing my voice rather than loving the way God equipped me to express myself through song. In an effort to break those bad habits, I am taking some space on this blog to share my love for music with you. I hope that by conquering my fears as it relates to being heard that you would do that same. Don’t waste time like I did hiding the gifts, skills and talents that God has placed inside of you. Instead, use them to be an inspiration and comfort to others. The world needs you to come out of your shell and shine, to reflect the light of Jesus Christ on this earth. Be the love He gives us each and everyday.

Below you’ll see a cover I did on Jessica Reedy’s Blue God. I absolutely love this song and I think you will enjoy it as well. Give it a listen and then subscribe to my YouTube channel!


What other songs would you like to hear? Comment below with requests 🙂






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