My 2017 Monthly Planner

In an effort to make the very best out of this year I am once again using a monthly planner. Today, I wanted to share with you all the planner that I have chosen to use. I bought this planner at Target and let me be one of the first to tell you do not sleep on the planners are Target! They sell different sizes, color and themes so there’s most likely a planner that fits everyone’s needs. The planner that I purchased is perfect for how I like to plan.


Fact about me: I love to learn which means that at any moment I can see or hear something I want to remember and I have to write it down. When I saw how many NOTES pages came with this planner I was shocked. No need to keep carrying about notebooks! Now all of my little nuggets of information can be found in my planner each day when I want to refer back to them.



I was surprised to find out that this planner also comes with a folder pocket for storage! This is perfect for me because I always find some miscellaneous piece of paper or mail that I convince myself I need to carry around. This folder keeps everything neat and tidy.


The weekly spread is pretty awesome as well. On the left you have the days listed for you and you can design them as you please. On the right there are lined spaces with check off boxes just waiting for you to complete a task. I really don’t have the words to explain to you how happy I was to see that I wouldn’t have to draw little boxes for myself anymore!



Are you using a planner this year? If so, which one?






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