My Letter to 2015

I was scrolling through the blogroll on BrownGirlBloggers and found this amazing blog by The Alisha Nicole. She is hosting a link – up on her blog about your vision for 2015! This is my first link – up and it just seemed like the perfect one to participate in!  So, here is my letter to 2015…

Dear 2015,

I’m ready to meet you. I am ready to live you. To fully experience all that you have to offer and all that I’m going to take anyway lol.

I see myself being committed to loving myself the way God loves me. I see myself being more positive and standing firm on all the lessons I have learned thus far in life. I see a more confident, open, loving woman full of light! That means living in a way that keeps me spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically healthy.

I see my blog continuing to grow and flourish into more than what I intended. I see myself continuing to break out of this shell that I created long ago. Just waking up each morning grateful for life with a smile in my heart that no man or woman can take from me. Pushing fear and excuses aside each day so that I have no regrets later on in life. Fully letting go of not having the entire plan for my life figured out and just learning as I go along. My relationship will continue to be one of my most cherished blessings and the lives of all those I love will continue to flourish! I see prosperity for us all!

I am excited about the opportunities that I will have to help others. I am eager to finally finish my graduate degree and move on with the next step in my career. I’m even excited about moving out my parents house next year (2016) ..too soon to talk about 2016? *looks around*

I see the good in you coming not the bad. My cup labeled 2015 is already half full. 2015 you will be great to me! An absolute joy! When circumstances come (because in life they always do) I will welcome them because I know they bring lessons and perfect my ability to love!

Hello 2015 ! *blows kiss*



The Alisha Nicole

P.S. In order to help your vision become reality it helps to have a vision board and daily planner ! Click on the fancy purple writing to see mine!  I hope you have an amazing New Year!!!



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