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Spring Greetings my Loves!

I promise that it’s never my intention to disappear from my blog it just sort of happens. Adulting always seems to slip in and tip the scales in it’s own favor. Leaving my blog in massive need of attention, like it does now!

Let us also take a moment to acknowledge that Spring is almost over! Can you actually believe that?! I could have sworn it just started. I blinked and now spring is coming to a close as summer rolls in with all of its heat and humidity! Yuck!

What is the weather like where you live right now?

Okay so I’ve mentioned the huge chunk of time I have been gone, I’ve also mentioned how quickly the seasons go by, now the only thing left to do is actually get to the topic at hand! Haha! The topic being this perfect little floral dress that I am just in love with! Let us begin by thanking Forever 21 for the wonderful sale section in their stores. Seriously! Thank you! *cries big Kim Khardashian tears*


In all honesty I try my best not to have to walk into Forever 21. Not because I hate the store but because the disheveled teen closet vibes that Forever 21 gives me can at times be super overwhelming. If you’ve been raised by a mother who would notice a piece of lint on the floor then you know where I am going with this.  I need order when it comes to clothing. I shop best when everything has its own place to “live”.

That being said, I ended up in Forever 21 because my younger sister was graduating from college and I wanted to come through with A LOOK *CARDI B VOICE*. This was my goal partly so that she didn’t find me embarrassing and mostly because I knew there would be a full day of photos. One must always be prepared for a photo, I mean it’s 2018, what else is clothing for?!


I knew that I wanted to wear something that would give me a dressy casual look but I did not want to be uncomfortable. The weather forecast had promised rain for that entire day but somehow the graduation was still being held outside. Go figure. Since I waited until the last minute to find an outfit I knew that Forever 21 would have something. When I saw the dress I held it up in the store mirror against my body and thought, “A bit short but I can make this work.”  It reminded me of this green dress I wore a few years ago. You know one of those dresses that look weird on the hanger but amazing on the body.  A quick nod of approval from my friends and it was time to make the purchase. What I didn’t know but was rather grateful for is that my dress only cost $8.50! Yes, you read that right my perfect little floral print dress only cost me $8.50. And all the bargain shoppers say  AAAOOOOWWWWW!!!! You might have asked yourself “How sis? How did you manage that?!” Well I can’t take the credit for it, there were no coupons involved here. I got to the register and the cashier said “Oh there’s another 50 percent off of the sale price.” I quickly gave God my most gracious thanks and then proceeded to swipe my card.

Since the dress was covered in floral print and frills I felt it best to keep all other pieces simple. I opted for minimal everything. Minimal heel, minimal structured bag, blunt hair cut that stopped at the shoulders. My shoes were a pair of cute black heels purchased from Amazon.

Why didn’t you all tell me how much of a gem Amazon could be in a pinch?!

*sigh*  I’d love to say that my arm candy was simple but alas I can not resist the chance to wear every single Alex and Anni bracelet that I own. It’s really not my fault though. My 9-5 just isn’t the place for such noisy jewelry.  Which means that all weeknight and weekend events are my only chance to wear them. I was worried that with so much leg, ankle, and toe showing I might look a bit to nakey for my sister’s graduation but the outfit turned out to be completely darling. A bit of leg never hurt anyone did it? Never mind don’t answer that. I topped off the look with a pink colored pout and highlight that left the most feminine points of my face shinning bright like a diamond! I knew I had done my makeup well once my mother began to claim that the result of my beauty was all her doing. Sorry, dad 😕 *smacks forehead* The cheery on top of the cake was that my sister ended up wearing a floral dress of her own under her graduation gown! Way to be on one accord little sis!!


The day was spectacular, rain and all and I am just so proud of my sister. I am also most appreciative of the fact that her name was called before the rain came in like a flood! What an accomplishment and right around mothers day! You think all mommies want to spend their day at graduations? I mean know we wouldn’t be here with out our moms I’m just not sure I’d want to spend my future mommy day celebrating that kid that broke my vajayjay. 😡


Any graduations to celebrate in your family this Spring? What did you wear?





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