Present the Positive Image…

Hi there,

Each morning since about August tenth, at the start of my day I’d wake up feeling pretty happy. Then I’d reach for my phone and look at social media. Then I’d watch the news. After I put my phone down I’d feel drained, heavy and just….sad.

With all of the recent events taking place in Ferguson and beyond I found myself wondering “What could I do to help?” or “Why is this happening?” or “Where is the help for those suffering?” The immediate response I would tell myself is “You are supposed to be praying about all of this. Not worrying and just looking.” I asked myself, “Is that all that I can do??”

Then it occurred to me….

“They” say that the youth, our generation (NO MATTER THE RACE OR ETHNICITY)  are the ones in control of the media. “They” say that we choose what we wear, what is cool, what to believe, what events to bring attention to. Regardless of whether it is YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or even a blog, WE control what gets the spotlight.

Well maybe “they”have a point. And, if so, that means we have a responsibility to ourselves to spark change….

I present the idea that we make ourselves accountable for the images that we put out about ourselves and each other. Lets present the positive image of ourselves versus the negative. “They” already assume that as a generation we drink, party, smoke, rebel, listen to raunchy music, get angry and act rash etc. The truth is that we achieve more than that and its drowned out with all the tragedies that occur each day.

I’m not at all saying we should ignore the current injustices we all face, BUT lets show “them” that we care about our bodies, minds, spirits and souls. That we are all capable of love regardless of race or ethnicity. Let’s show them through our daily posting that we attend high school, college and graduate school. Let’s show them on our YouTube and Facebook pages that we do more than just purchase clothing and makeup, that we can understand the law and demand to be treated as human beings because it is our right. Let’s show the world that we are different than the animals that walk the earth because we have choice and we choose to value the life of the human standing next to us as well as the humans in the countries across the ocean…

Post images of the good so intensely that the next time someone who looks different from you stands in front of you, they respond to the positive images that WE have shown and not the negative images portrayed throughout media.

Let’s put into the minds of our people the image that will help them remember to show compassion and mercy. Let’s show them how to choose love not hate.

Will it immediately change the world…perhaps not.

Is it a start that we can all participate in? ABSOLUTELY!

Begin today. Present the positive image of yourself, your family, your community. We are worth it.




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