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I mentioned in my Monthly Goals for March post that somehow February slipped right by me. Seriously, I blinked and the month had ended. I knew that I could not allow that to happen this month so I did three things to get my gears back into motion.
First, I had to relax. That meant calming my emotions and letting go of all the things I did not accomplish. When I become overwhelmed I tend to shut down-a horrid habit-and so I had to do things that would ease me back into working consistently. I started with an honest prayer and followed that with doing something fun to restore my joy.
Next, I had to reorganize. As you can imagine, shutting down only added to the pile of chores and tasks that I should have been completing. I took the opportunity of a new month to reorganize everything. I’m talking my entire room and bathroom. I got rid of the things I no longer needed and put back what I wanted to keep away neatly. Then I whipped out my handy dandy planner and broke down my master to-do list into daily lists that I could stomach.
After getting everything back into order, I was finally able to sit down and refocus on what needed to be done.
I find that allowing myself to relax, reorganize and refocus is something that I need to do every couple of days to stay on top of things. This month I’ve been doing well to accomplish daily tasks and use each day to move closer toward completing my long term goals. It’s been easier to keep up with where I’m spending my time each day so that I know what needs to be done tomorrow. Believe me when I say it makes for a lot less stress and way more progress! I encourage you to try it! Let me know if it helps 🙂
What do you do to make sure that you are spending your time well?


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