The #1 Reason I Started My Hair Journey

It was during high school that I first decided to grow my hair out. I envisioned walking down the halls with my hair swaying in time with my steps, of course in slow motion. Like in the movies. I also remember telling my high school boyfriend my plan and him looking at me as if I had lost my mind. I told a few others and was met with the same reaction. I remember feeling excruciatingly disappointed that no one really thought I could do it. In my mind I knew that maybe people were just tired of hearing women say they were going grow their hair and not really do it,  but I just  really knew I could! 

Fast forward to college, and my hair journey was not going to well. At this time I was sporting very short  hair due to the tragic episode of me taking my braids out and washing my hair without properly detangling before hand. *cringes at the thought* Annnyywhooo I was sitting in my dorm one day and saw this video on YouTube.  In the video, this African-American girl with relaxed hair took off her scarf and combed out her wrap and her hair fell like a waterfall. She had fully relaxed hair and yet it was still falling way below her shoulders! I was shocked to see how long it was. In fact, I was so shocked that  I watched that portion of the video a couple of times. I was even more shocked because her brown skin was the same color as mine. Here it was, proof before my eyes that it what I truly desired could be done. In that moment I became obsessed. I knew that with a plan and consistent work I would see my desired result.


I knew that with a plan and consistent work I would see my desired result.

There are many reasons I started my hair journey but for now I’d like to share my top three with you:

  • I had the desire to see myself with those results.

    I knew that what I had once dreamed of was possible and so there was no other choice for me but to commit to making it happen. I literally could not  get the picture of myself with long hair out of my brain.


  • I had to prove to myself and the other naysayers that growing long hair could be done whether I was relaxed or natural.

    When the hair craze really began for me in college I was relaxed. Once I had grown my hair to a healthy length I thought that maybe I could stop relaxing it and just straighten it. That turned into thinking that maybe I could just stop using heat as much as possible and see what my natural hair looked like. For me being apart of #teamnatural or #teamrelaxed was not the goal. I wanted to show  that healthy long hair was possible with or without chemicals. I am #teamhealthylonghair.


  • I wanted the option of wearing weave to be a choice. Not a necessity.

    Once I reached college and began looking for protective styles I found weave to be super helpful and convenient. With weave I could go from collar bone length hair to brastrap length hair in under two hours! Who doesn’t love that?! BUT it was a quick fix that didn’t last forever. I didn’t want to always have to rely on having weave in my head in order to have long hair.

Since that day, I have not only grown my hair out while relaxed, I have also successfully transitioned and grown my hair to lower back length as a natural. Transitioning to natural may have happened on accident but I am  happy that I went through that process. My mother on the other hand was in no way happy about my Big Chop. (Sorry mom! lol)

In September of 2016, I cut my hair back to arm pit length (APL) and  I have started my journey again. This time I am taking the lessons  learned on my first hair journey and applying them to my hair as well as to everyday life in order to create the life I truly desire to have.

It took me years to get the mindset, gather the information and develop the discipline it took to get the hair length that I wanted but it doesn’t have to be that way for  you! With all of the resources available today and my assistance you can begin your journey to healthy hair and a healthy life right now!

What are you struggling with most in your hair journey? What is that you want to see most in the health of your hair?

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  1. March 22, 2017 / 12:05 pm

    Wow! Thanks for sharing! I’m struggling to have my hair grow as well. I’m loosing so much hair. I cry sometimes and reading this makes me so ready to do what ever I can to make my hair thick again and longer. So thank you for this post!

    And doll, you’re gorgeous!!!! ♡

    • May 4, 2017 / 7:45 pm

      Thank you so much! I hope you can find information and support here on the blog to help with your hair growth! Don’t give up!!

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