Three Myths About Hair Growth that are Keeping You From Your Hair Goals

When you are deciding to begin a hair journey it is important that you prepare your mind. You want your affirming thought to be that your hair goal can and will be reached. For most of us a huge part of this preparation includes first ridding your mind of the lies and negative outside influences that have clouded your ability to get started and keep motivated. That being said , before giving you information on what styling tools to look for and what products to buy we have got to set the right foundation. To help you with this, let’s debunk three major hair myths so that you can begin retaining your length and enjoying your hair growth! Everyone knows that once you change your thoughts you change your results.

“Pictured above are a few photos from my hair journey. Top left is my big chop halfway done while I was relaxed. Right side is my hair completely natural. ”

Once you change your thoughts you change your results. 


  • Your hair won’t grow because of your ethnicity and/or curl pattern.

I’m not sure of where this myth came from but it is a total lie. Your ethnicity, culture, amount of melanin in your skin, how loose or tight the curl pattern, none of these factors alone determine your ability to grow long healthy hair. You must rid yourself of any reason to believe that your hair can’t grow. In fact, I am of the strong opinion that your hair is always growing. It has been since you were a baby. What you want to do is learn how to retain the length of your hair as it grows.  


  • Your hair won’t grow if chemically treated. (color, relaxer,perm) etc.

As someone who has grown their hair both relaxed and natural I feel very confident in saying that this is also a myth. I am not here to tell you that you must be natural or you must be relaxed. That is a decision you make for yourself based on your personal style and ability to take care of your hair. Whether your hair is relaxed ,natural, colored or any combination of the two will determine how intense your regimen must be in order to retain healthy hair.


“Pictured above is my hair at its worst (college) and my hair at its past best ( graduate school 2015)”

  • Only certain products will grow your hair.

Hair products do not grow hair. I repeat the products are not “growing your hair”. Hair products usually aid your hair journey in three different ways.

  1. To prevent possible damage to hair that has already been grown from the scalp from root to tip.
  2. To protect the hair from damage due to styling and age of the hair.
  3. To promote the growth of healthy, strong, thick hair from your scalp.


Remember, it’s not that your  hair isn’t growing, it’s that you haven’t yet learned how to retain the length of your hair as it grows from your scalp over time. Bringing truth to these myths is the first step to healthy hair. By changing that way you think about your ability to grow your hair you are more than half way there! With every positive action taken you are one step closer to your goal!


What other hair myths are keeping you from reaching your hair goals? How do you plan to overcome them?






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