Want a New Year? Make New Choices.

Is it just me or has 2020 been a bit of a… “character building” year? So much has happened since we said Happy New Year that I have to agree with those memes claiming January always brings just a bit of the crap from the prior year along with it. Not that it brought my crap. You see 2019 was the healthiest most peaceful year I’ve had since a month before my 12th birthday.

After all those years of making my new year’s resolution to be healthy mentally, spritically, and physically, in 2019 it finally came true.

It showed up in how I made choices and in how I responded to the ups and downs of life. It was evident in all the ppl who exclaimed “Your skin…. you look lit up. You’re glowing.”

I haven’t been on birth control for a full year! Take that PCOS!!

I learned that if all I ever had was God I have enough. Truly. Honestly.

I spent the majority of my time in solitude during 2019 and never felt loneliness.

I only fussed about being married when I didn’t feel like taking responsibility for my own happiness.

I was challenged time after time at work and met people who wanted to hear what I had to say and it was good for my soul.

I created and shared my most vulnerable video and blog post to date.

Instead of just dismissing the cliché, I took the time to learn the how of self-love and faith.

I loved myself and my family first.

I released myself from the fear of time running out because in reality being 30 is still young.

I don’t feel the dread of “fitting in” because I don’t want to anymore. I don’t want to be anyone else’s version or vision of myself.

I can sit alone with my thoughts and be just as happy as the woman who’s just gotten engaged.

I dug deep into my emotional triggers to find the source of my pains and nurtured myself in those broken places.

And you know what? I can feel the difference growth makes when I sing and play. I’m pouring from a full cup now. Aware of myself and fully confident knowing that I’m enough. What I have is enough. Those who are actively apart of this season in my life are constant reflections of this new flow of love within me.

The choices I made in 2019 set me up for the abundance that is sure to come in 2020. My only real goal for this year is to become a CPA but I welcome all the blessings God has in store. What are your goals for this year? How will you ensure your success?

Regardless of what they are I hope you are excited and ready to achieve them. We got this!




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