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Well hello there ,

For the past couple of weeks… well maybe months *nervous laugh*  I have really been off my A game. Emotionally and then physically I had allowed my dissatisfaction with my current circumstances to take over. Ladies and gentlemen it had progressed to the point where on Thanksgiving I had only eaten one plate of food and maybe a smaller plate later that night. One! and I didn’t even indulge in the various ice cream flavors that were available to me! *drops head in shame*
Now that’s just crazy! Or cray as the cool kids say, because everybody knows that one of the reasons we all like the holiday, if not love the holiday, is because you get to eat all day at every house you enter. Then you spend the next few days eating leftovers all day.  For lack of a better phrase She (meaning me) needed to gather the entirety of her life and have a seat in the closest pew available.” *in my best Tamar impression*
In an effort to do just that I had to go back to my Bible. It was in the Word that I was reminded to be  grateful for what I have now and where I am now in life. Just because things suddenly stopped going in the direction I thought it would and moving along in the TIMING I thought it would doesn’t give me the right to check out of daily living.
Then I remembered that I had stopped writing in my journal!
This is not a journal where I just write down what nice things happened to me or what I’m feeling that day.  No no and no… this journal is dedicated specifically for me to write to my Savior everything that I can think of within that day that I am thankful for and even to begin thanking Him for the blessings that are on the way. There has never been a time when after writing in this journal that I haven’t felt at peace.
Being thankful and showing gratitude erases my constant want for the things in life that are to come. It helps me to really look at how blessed I already am as I work to grow and accomplish more. If you don’t have a gratitude journal I encourage you to go out and get one!
How do you remain grateful for the beautiful life you live?
I’d love to know!

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